TIA P25 Video Panel

TIA Project 25

25th Anniversary Presentation


We can represent your company, agency or association at industry and association meetings, advancing the initiatives important to you and providing detailed reports of the proceedings. We work with you to determine “next steps” and recommend strategies to carry them out.

We have strong relationships with many organizations like NPSTC, LMCC, PTIG, TIA, P25, IWCE, NXDN Forum, FCC, NTIA, DHS, DMR MOU, WCC, DOD, GSA, state, local government agencies and many contracting offices. We have good relationships with trade media and publications and can advocate on your behalf.

5x9 Communications seeks to represent clients involved in all areas of communications, including private radio, common carrier, broadband and broadcast. We have services for manufacturers, users and licensees of two‑way radio dispatch and paging systems, and Specialized Mobile Radio (“SMR”) systems. We can also represent public safety licensees (State, Counties and Cities) in securing spectrum, dealing with interference and other licensing issues.

Our team is experienced in testifying before the FCC, with solid relationships within the bureaus. We can file new motions, comments for NPRM’s and ex parte meetings to clarify issues and get direction from the FCC.

We involve the Shulman Rogers Law Firm for our client’s legal matters. They file hundreds of FCC applications every year for clients utilizing a variety of radio bands for a variety of radio services. Their telecommunications practice also has expertise in:

  • Positive Train Control
  • Microwave relocations
  • Tower leases and related issues
  • Broadband wireless
  • In Building radio coverage
  • Common carrier issues
  • Telecommunications litigation and bankruptcy
  • Distributed antenna systems

Alan Tilles, head of the Shulman Rogers Telecommunications Department, has 30 years of experience in land mobile radio. In connection with his representation of municipalities and counties nationwide, Mr. Tilles has been at the forefront of efforts to build and expand robust and interconnected wireless communications networks so that first responders are able to communicate and to access critical information more effectively. Through this work, Mr. Tilles and his colleagues have become familiar with a broad range of communications contracts and ordinances, and understand well the various interests impacted by the build-out and growth of any communications network, including the construction of antennae on public and private property.

 Mr. Tilles has successfully worked with major telecommunications players, including the FCC, NTIA, other federal and local agencies, and many industry leaders (equipment manufacturers, service providers, trade associations, etc.) on a number of initiatives. He has had a crucial role in developing creative and cutting-edge solutions for ensuring orderly and efficient wireless network access at a time when technology and demand have been evolving rapidly.