Professional sales and sales management skills can be developed with a comprehensive training program, strategies and follow up to measure results and adjust…

  • Professional selling skills and strategies
  • Marketing identification
  • Prospecting programs
  • Need satisfaction selling
  • Questioning techniques and needs analysis
  • Profitable operation of a territory
  • Handling objections
  • Land mobile markets and technologies
  • Time management
  • Public speaking

Management skills

  • Creating an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Building relationships inside and outside the organization
  • Maintaining team focus to drive execution
  • Business sense, judgment, visionary thinking, financial acumen

People strategies

  • Bringing out the best in each team member
  • Creating an environment for team success
  • Generate enthusiasm; create a sense of urgency for the mission
  • Help others build their self-confidence and accept empowerment
  • Be a good listener, able to negotiate conflicts and solve people problems
  • Attracting, recruiting and developing talent
  • Build consensus and generate buy-in

Team building

  • Encourage your team to emphasize a broad business perspective instead of individual agendas. “Individual success without team success is no success at all”
  • Encourage open dialogue, establish trusting relationships, and keep commitments
  • Treat all individuals fairly and with respect
  • Work across departments and collaborate for team success


  • Emphasize a broad business perspective
  • Encourage open dialogue; establish trusting relationships, and keeping commitments
  • Treat all individuals fairly and with respect